Finite Gödel algebras with modal operators


In a joint paper with Lluis Godo and Ricardo O. Rodriguez we recently studied a modal expansion of finite Gödel algebras (GAOs for short) and their dual frames. Taking into account that the category of finite Gödel algebras with homomorphisms is dually equivalent to the category of finite forests with order-preserving open maps, the dual relational frames of GAOs are forest frames: finite forests endowed with two binary (crisp) relations satisfying suitable properties. Our main result is a Jónsson-Tarski like representation theorem for these structures. In particular we show that every finite Gödel algebra with operators determines a unique forest frame whose set of subforests, endowed with suitably defined algebraic and modal operators, is a GAO isomorphic to the original one.

The paper has been published in the proceedings of WoLLIC2019 which have been held in Utrecht (Netherlands) on July 2019. Further details are available in Springer webpage: LNCS11541