Strict coherence for infinite-valued events

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My paper “Three characterization of strict coherence for infinite-valued events” has been published online on the Review of Symbolic Logic.  If you are interest, please follow this link

A representation theorem for finite Gödel algebras with operators


T. Flaminio, L. Godo, R. O. Rodriguez

978-3-662-59533-6.jpgIn this paper we introduce and study finite Gödel algebras with operators (GAOs for short) and their dual frames. Taking into account that the category of finite Gödel algebras with homomorphisms is dually equivalent to the category of finite forests with order-preserving open maps, the dual relational frames of GAOs are forest frames: finite forests endowed with two binary (crisp) relations satisfying suitable properties. Our main result is a Jónsson-Tarski like representation theorem for these structures. In particular we show that every finite Gödel algebra with operators determines a unique forest frame whose set of subforests, endowed with suitably defined algebraic and modal operators, is a GAO isomorphic to the original one.

Keywords:Finite Gödel algebras; modal operators; finite forests; representation theorem.


In: Iemhoff R., Moortgat M., de Queiroz R. (eds). Logic, Language, Information, and Computation, WoLLIC 2019. LNCS 11541: 223–235, Springer, 2019.

IPMU 2018



My contribute paper titled “Logics for strict coherence and Carnap-regular probability functions” has been recently accepted to be presented at the 17th International Conference on Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems – IPMU 2018.  that will take place in Cádiz, Spain.

Ramón y Cajal

On January 16, I started my Ramón y Cajal research grant at the Artificial Intelligence Research Institute of the Spanish National Research Council placed in UAB campus in Bellaterra, Barcelona. My research activity will be mainly concerned with the development of logics for AI and in particular with logical foundations of uncertainty (the usual thing).


That’s the good news. The bad one is: I need to find a house in Barcelona, and it ain’t easy.